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Designing and Implementing A Data Warehouse in Technology Companies

Behrouz Dolatshah , Ebrahim Nazari Farrokhi , Khatereh Qorbani

A data warehouse is a comprehensive system utilized within enterprises for the examination and presentation of organized and partially organized data from various origins, including point-of-sale transactions, marketing automation, customer relationship management, and others. It is well-suited for both spontaneous analysis and customized reporting. The qualitative research method was employed in this study, focusing on technology companies in Tehran, with an estimated 80 active companies comprising the target population. From this population, four companies were selected as samples, resulting in a total research population of 260 individuals. The sample size was determined based on the availability of panel members, with 30 experts ultimately selected for participation. Initially, a researcher-designed questionnaire, based on prior studies and expert opinions, was used as the data collection tool. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed to analyze the research questions, with a three-round Delphi method utilized in the inferential statistics to model the design and implementation challenges of data warehousing. The findings revealed that 26 indicators were presented to the participants for evaluating the dimensions, and the participants collectively endorsed and categorized the indicators into three dimensions: business conditions, technology utilized, and data type.

Keywords: Data Warehouse, Technology Companies, business conditions, technology utilized, and data type

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