Management and Educational Studies

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Aims and scope

The field of Control is changing very fast now, with new themes, buzzwords and technology-driven "grand challenges". Indeed, increasingly both economic developments and societal needs depend upon collections of diverse systems working together to provide needed services, comfort, health, safety and security. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for methodological and technical approaches which allow multiple, independent, heterogeneous systems to operate cooperatively to provide broader capabilities than are available from individual systems. Such considerations apply in a large number of different domains including, transportation, health care, energy and water management, smart cities, defense, social services, manufacturing supply chains and more. The design of such systems requires understanding the joint dynamics of computers, software, networks, physical, chemical and biological processes and human in the loop.

The aim of Management and Educational Studies to provide comprehensive and visionary views of the field, by publishing the following types of review articles:

• Survey Article: Review papers on main methodologies or technical advances adding considerable technical value to the state of the art. Note that papers which purely rely on mechanistic searches and lack comprehensive analysis providing a clear contribution to the field will be rejected.

• Vision Article: Cutting-edge and emerging topics with visionary perspective on the future of the field or how it will bridge multiple disciplines, and

• Tutorial research Article: Fundamental guides for future studies.

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