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Important News

According to the permission dated March 11, 2024, from the press deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the name of the journal changes from Management and Engineering Sciences to Management and Educational Studies.

About Journal

The Scientific Journal of Management and Educational Studies has received a license from Irans's the Ministry of Culture in the field of Management and Educational Studies with license number 92034 in 2022.

Journal of Management and Educational Studies is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that is oriented toward publication of high-quality research. The journal is focused on advancing practice through theory publishes short, focused research studies that advance the theory and practice of operations management. The journal aims to make a guide contribution to the management science and Engineering science and operation practice in today’s global institutions.Reference in the field of issues related to Management and Educational Studies in domestic and foreign scientific societies.

Annual Journal of Management and Educational Studies seeks articles that link Management Science all subjects and Engineering Science and other relative subjects with its functional demands and outcomes. The scope of the papers in this journal includes:

Management studies: Industrial Management, Financial Management, cultural management, Business Management, Tourism management, IT management, Insurance Management, governmental management, Executive Management, Business Administration (MBA), technology management, Entrepreneurial management, Management of customs affairs, Marketing Management, Banking management, strategic Managment, Human resources management, Eco insurance management, ...

Educational Studies: Education Management, Public education management, Management of employee training, Higher Education Management, Training and human resource development, Educational policy, Educational Leadership, Educational Planning, The quality of education, Improving educational performance, Increasing educational productivity, Evaluation and feedback of educational performance....

and , but is not limited to them

Call for paper

Annual Journal of Management and Educational Studiess accepts scientific papers. The deadline for submitting articles to the Third issue is December 20, 2024

free of charge


Article Submission Requirements: Affiliation , Orcid ID, Email Address


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